Vole-Light® was developed in cooperation with electrical engineers and is completely manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards. You can feel the many years of practical experience in each of our products. The details make the difference and ensure long-lasting enjoyment of our luminaires. “Made in Germany” is not only a seal for us but a promise!

In over 20 years in the garden and irrigation system construction, we have repeatedly encountered the problem of lighting, especially in exposed places where a light is useful but disturbs the view or can not be installed there for other reasons. That’s why we founded Vole Light® . Together with various specialists, we developed the world’s first recessed lawn light within 2 years. As a German family business, we want to be measured not only by the highest quality standards but also by standards such as sustainability and responsibility for our employees. For example, by manufacturing in Germany, we have already been able to save more than 5 t Co² and offer our employees a secure job.