NEW! Vole Light RISE&SHINE Basic

Height comparison base version

The basic version of our recessed lawn light gives you the familiar RISE&SHINE experience at a lower price and simplified installation

The functions are almost identical to the standard light, but extends only 16 cm from the ground. At the same time, however, the installation depth is reduced to approx. 40 cm, which greatly simplifies installation.

Dimming the lamps, at a reduced light output, and controlling them via smartphone is still possible. It is also compatible with all existing systems. A change is possible at any time.

Comparison of the versions

Rising height 16 cm 26 cm
Installation depth 40 cm 50 cm
Power 6 W 8 W
Light output 3,5 W, 500 lm 5,5 W, 660 lm
Control via DALI/Casambi yes yes
Lamp grouping no yes

The RISE&SHINE BASIC is available with the illuminant 360 for area lighting or spot for object lighting, as well as in the light colors 3000 K and 4000 K.

Among others, we offer you the RISE&SHINE BASIC COLOUR with powder-coated riser and the SHINE BASIC floor lamp, as well as a simplified connection box for the operation of up to 5 lamps.